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My name is Rich. That’s me in the white t-shirt over there. My wife is Fi, the smiley person next to me (on this page and in life!)

We both have a passion for helping people. I suppose my desire to help others comes from times in my childhood when sometimes I felt quite helpless. As I got older I realised that helping others who also felt helpless felt great so I wanted to do it more.

I help people through hypnotherapy and coaching and Fi helps people through the antenatal classes she runs.

We have been together since 2007 and in that time have been loving the path our lives have taken together. We are now in a position where we work together in a great building and share that space with other therapists, coaches and professionals who also love helping other people.

Our approach is to be very open and easy going about what we do. With the least number of rules in place and an approachable attitude it tends to make things go as smoothly as they can.

Richard Hennessy
Hypnotherapist and coach. Specialist in weight management. Highly trained. Experienced. Insured.
Fi Hennessy
Antenatal instructor with The Daisy Foundation. Mother of two. Trained hypnotherapist.

We give all therapists based at the wellness centre an opportunity to tell you more about themselves, their ethos and the area that they focus upon. They are the authority in their subject so we let them share their knowledge and passion with you.

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About us as individuals

Richard Hennessy

Hypnotherapist, coach and wellness centre owner.

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Fiona Hennessy

Perinatal instructor and wellness centre owner.

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