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You want more information. That is understandable. You have found us and are considering seeing a therapist or health professional here. Or perhaps you are a health professional and you are thinking you would like to see your clients at the wellness centre.

Whatever the situation you probably want to know more about the centre and the people here. Read on...

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Sheffield Wellness Centre is at The Old Coach House

One of Abbeydale Road's (many!) hiddent gems is the Old Coach House. There is a diverse group of local and independent businesses that are part of the Old Coach House including a dress makers and a cafe.

Being a part of a diverse and thriving local community is great to be a part of.

Who runs the Sheffield Wellness Centre?

Husband and wife team Rich and Fi are the brains behind the centre. They set up the business so that they would have a great place to do their own work from and to then share that space with others.

Opened in May 2017 the centre has gone from strength to strength and now hosts around 40 different therapists and health professionals per month.

Fi Hennessy Richard Hennessy

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