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Derek Collinson - Reiki Master


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Born in a small Scottish mining village where the heart of the village was the church I had a privileged upbringing. Privileged in the sense that village life was all about caring and sharing and most had a strong moral compass enabling them to know right from wrong.

I have always believed in God although until recently the only time I worshipped him in a Church was for births, deaths, marriages and of course for carol singing at Christmas.

Most of my life has revolved around caring for others having inherited 4 children and producing 2 of my own. Like many other fathers I took the obligation to look after them seriously by working for money without ever taking time to consider what I really should be doing – what I cared passionately about!

A visit to Penelope Easton in Sheffield to learn the Alexander Technique some time ago opened my eyes to other career possibilities when she cured a pain in the joint of my big toe one morning by simply pointing her hand towards the source of the pain.

I felt heat radiating into the joint, the pain disappeared, and I was astonished! This to me seemed like a miracle and of course when I asked how she had done it she told me it was Reiki!

In 2002 I received Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 attunements from Reiki Master Angie Hopper at the Kirkbymoorside Natural health Centre in North Yorkshire.

Since 2002 I have used Reiki on many occasions to heal animals and people in person and at a distance – sometimes at a great distance for example when I helped the recovery of my mother in law in Australia who was literally on her deathbed in hospital.

Of course, I knew right from the start that I wasn’t doing the healing – no it was a much higher power. I believe it is God’s Holy Spirit empowering me to offer healing to animals and people whenever they need it.

Recently I discovered as a result of attending a Personal Development course run by Life Coach Jon Covey that my true passion in life was to help people and animals and what better way to do this than to use Reiki!

More recently I received my Reiki Level 3 (Master) attunement to qualify me to teach Reiki and carry out Reiki attunements on people as well as treat people and animals with Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic therapy that is used to improve the wellbeing of people and animals. It is becoming increasingly popular and as such is now being used in hospitals, clinics, veterinary and private practices throughout the world. The word Reiki is Japanese and comprises two words – Rei and ki.

Rei means universal spirit, Higher Power of God and ki is the life energy that flows through all living things. So Reiki is life energy from God which some believe is simply another way of saying the Holy Spirit.

To find out more about reiki and how it might help you please read the Reiki page on this website.