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Georgina Ramos from MoveFree


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£15 per session. I offer blocks of 5 to be used within 8 weeks and interchangeable with any of my sessions.

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MoveFree is natural movement coaching that helps to alleviate the everyday health niggles brought on by modern day living.

What is MoveFree like? Is it a yoga class? Pilates? Whilst I am qualified in both clinical and classical Pilates, have done reformer and equipment training, MoveFree is more than that, it’s a combination of Pilates and yoga but also biomechanics and movement neurology.

In this video you can see Georgina helping someone with their posture. This is a great demonstration of just one of the applications of the MoveFree approach.

If we are how we move, how we move in 21st century living is holding us back from our best version of ourselves.

You might wonder how your movement could make a difference to issues like a dodgy back or knee, pelvic floor issues, digestive issues like IBS, chronic stress or poor sleep.

Perhaps you already exercise regularly or see a therapist of some kind, and whilst that helps, you feel that your issues are just a fact of life that happen to everyone as we age. Perhaps your ‘age related issues’ hold you back from doing your favourite activity these days.

But what if the amount of time we’ve been on the planet was not the deciding factor to how we age, but rather what we’ve been doing with that time? What if, even if you exercise every day, what you do most of the time not only outweighs the benefit but is also putting unnecessary wear and tear on certain joints and causing unhealthy breathing patterns which can trigger your stress response?

What if modern living makes us vulnerable to diseases of behaviour? There is no magic solution, but there are ways to move your body just a little bit better.

My aim is to empower you by showing you tiny changes that can help you to take steps towards self-improvement. Ready to MoveFree?

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