Reiki Practitioner Jess Down

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£35 per session

Reiki is a natural, safe therapy to support a wide variety of emotional, mental and physical health conditions.

After positive experiences from Reiki treatments myself I began to explore how I could incorporate Reiki treatments aim to stimulate and rebalance the client’s own energy.

It has successfully been used to ease symptoms and reduce stress for those undergoing long term health conditions. It is safe to use alongside conventional treatment and has a wide range of benefits including better sleep, more balanced moods and improved energy levels.

I believe reiki opens up the recipient to listening to their own body’s message and this can create space for decisions and changes to take place. As we are all beautifully unique your treatment will be a personal experience and I will be there to support you throughout.

I have learnt a lot whilst treating a wide range of people and conditions during my Practitioner diploma training and created Rise and Shine Reiki with the intention of introducing more people to the real benefits this therapy can create. I feel excited to develop my practice further and aim to help more people to feel positive, relaxed and in tune with themselves. We all have the potential to increase our personal energy levels, be our true selves and shine!

Whether you are suffering with a long term health condition, looking for a simple way to aid relaxation or are undergoing medical treatment I would love to help you. Please also get in touch if you are wishing to explore or deepen your connection to your own body as I believe reiki can be a great way to understand yourself, develop your intuition and enhance your relationship with yourself. I work with individuals to provide a space that is both comforting and restorative: clients report feeling relaxed, peaceful and less worried after a Reiki treatment.