Kate Knappik - Naturopathic Nutritionist

Kate is an excellent nutritionist


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 £65 for initial 60 min consultation

£40 for the 30 min follow up

Buy both at one go it is £100

My ethos

"I decided to become a pharmacist as I wanted to help people to get better.

After over 10 years of work in the community pharmacy I sadly realized that conventional medicine is focused mostly on managing symptoms. The true root cause of the ill health is quite often left uncovered and patients continue to take medications for years or a lifetime.

I am not against medications as they can save lives (especially in acute conditions, emergency cases and life threatening bacterial infections).

But I also believe in body's great capacities to heal itself. Good nutrition, exercise, sunlight, sleep and stress management are the best doctors of all!

I speak from experience

I have experienced the power of naturopathic approach myself. After several years of constant digestive problems, skin issues and tiredness I have resolved it all by changing my diet and working on relaxation.

My unique approach combines modern medical knowledge with traditional naturopathic wisdom, trying to find the bridge between the two.

Services offered & areas of interest

I offer 1:1 consultations, packages and workshops.

I provide personalized services to individuals with wide range of health concerns.

Areas of my special interests are:

- hormonal health (menopause, PMS, thyroid issues, PCOS)

- weight management

- asthma, eczema and allergies

- fatigue

- autoimmune conditions

- diabetes

- digestive problems

- arthritis

What happens in the initial consultation?

Initial consultation takes 60 min.

I establish your goals and undergo an in depth assessment of your medical history, systems of the body, current nutrition, lifestyle, medications and supplement.

What happens after the consultation?

Following your consultation you will receive:

- health questionnaire and assessment of current diet

- personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan

- evaluation of your current medicines and supplements

- personalized supplement protocol (if appropriate)

- recommendation of further NHS or functional testing (if necessary)

- recommendations for other complementary therapies (if necessary)

Subsequent follow ups are recommended in 4-6 weeks.

The fees are depended on the length of the program, your needs and how much support you require.