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Sessions cost £45 p/h

I first became interested in counselling whilst working with challenging behaviour in schools; it became clear to me that many of the pupils (and staff) found it difficult to talk about the things that really mattered to them, and that many had few opportunities where they could be listened to.

I felt it was important that we have a space in which we can explore the parts of our lives we struggle to understand, and could see the benefits felt by ourselves and those around us when we began to develop a better understanding of our thoughts and emotions.

I earned my Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Derby in 2017 and have continued on the program to work towards an MSc. The course appealed to me because it created a blend of symptom focused therapies, like CBT, with humanistic therapies, like Person-Centred approaches. This means I have the tools to work with a wide range of issues that might present in counselling, as well as to work together with clients to match their needs.

I have also undertaken additional training for working with children and young people, and have an interest in working with adults with learning difficulties, such as autism.

The thing I love most about this work is encountering each individual; no two people are exactly the same, which means our sessions are unique and individual. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity.

Therapy is a space where all kinds of issues are explored; sometimes these have ‘labels’, such as depression, anxiety or traumatic experiences; sometimes these are things we can’t quite name or understand, such as relationship problems, grief, feelings of worthlessness or intrusive thoughts. Whatever it is that brings you to therapy, we’ll work together to understand what it is you need and want from therapy and how we can get there.

If you would like to enter into therapy with myself, but have any doubts or are unsure of what this involves, please contact me, or access my website for more detailed information.