Flower Essence Therapist Natalia Montes

Natalia Montes is a aflower therapist based at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

Natalia is an Advanced Practitioner registered in the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Society. (Member Nº AP433)

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Get a free 30 minute 'Clarity Call' on the phone/online. Get in touch to book.

A session is 1.5 hours long is £60 and includes a personalised essence that will last for about 1 month.

"I have worked with flower essences since 2012. I focus my work on people who are struggling in any aspect of their lives and want to make improvements through natural means rather than pharamaceuticals.

The therapy is based in empowering the person, nurturing their abilities and unlocking their ideas, emotions or traumas that might be stopping them from their achieving goals.

There are two parts to flower therapy. The first is the face to face session. Usually these sessions are monthly and involve a consultation where we discuss your circumstances and goals.

The second part of flower therapy  is the essences themselves. They are prepared in the session and a blend of essences is created just for you, specially designed for your circumstances. The essences will accompany you along the next weeks bringing insights, clarity and experiences.

I have practiced Reiki and energetic healing since the age of 13. I gained a Diploma in Holistic approachs to Health and Illness, followed by studies as group facilitator with experiential and gestalt approachs and a masters in Art Therapy. I studied Bach Flower remedies in several courses in Chile and then in the UK. I personally prepare, research and teach about Patagonia Essences, alongside a group of therapists who support the research in Chile.

Through my personal and professional experiences I have come to understand that perinatal experiences (what we live while being in the womb, birth and first days of life) have deep repercussions throughout life. My dream was to be able to help improve those experiences and help to prevent traumatic situations from the very beginning with the essences.

That’s how I started working with pregnant women in a company called BabyMed, alongside with a team of midwives, physiotherapists, nutritionists and other conventional medicine professionals. With Flower Therapy I was able to offer emotional support and a much deeper understanding into the experiences that both mother and child were living throughout this period, especially when conventional treatments were not offering clear answers.

I started my practice as a therapist in 2012, specializing in the work with adults, pregnant women and newborn babies. So far I have followed more than 200 cases, some of them for over 4 years and it’s the big changes I see in people’s life’s what encourages me to keep working with the transformative properties of nature.

I moved to Sheffield with my partner in 2017 (with my huge box of essences of course!). It made just so much sense for me to bring these elixirs and keep developing as a therapist here, since UK is the home land from flower essences, where Dr. Bach developed the first set in the 1930’s.

He was inspired by the ancient cultures that used herbs for healing, combined with his knowledge of medicine, infectology and homeopathy. Heather, Impatiens, Gorse and many others that grow wild around Sheffield were already part of my healing set and combined with Patagonia they make just a stunning transformational mixture."