Sound Practitioner Sally Blyth

Sally Blyth hosts the sound bath sessions at the centre



£12 per session.
£30 for any 3 sessions (do not need to be consecutive)

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I’ve always been passionate about music and sound, playing and singing in a variety of styles.
I’ve run several choirs and taught singing and harmony to individuals and groups since 2005.

Through this work, I was already aware of the uplifting, calming and energising effects of sound, but when I attended an open day at the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), I was completely overwhelmed at the power of the sound-spaces they created. I felt I was taken out of my body and yet it was a very physical experience.

I went on to study with BAST becoming a fully qualified Sound Practitioner. I’m a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) and the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM).

I’ve been offering treatments in Sheffield since 2013. I’m really excited to now offer individual Sound Therapy Treatments and group Sound Baths at the Sheffield Wellness Centre.

What is a sound bath?

A typical Sound Therapy session uses Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, voice and rhythm to gently bring the client into a deeply relaxed state. The treatment focuses on the energy centres of the body.

It slows down the body and the mind and encourage smooth energy flow. The treatment is very useful for people who find it difficult to ‘switch off’ or feel that their energy is stuck in some way. Some people find the sounds allow a safe space and distance to work through issues that may be the root causes of stress.

There’s also the freedom within the session to just be.

Clients typically come away from a session feeling lighter and energised.

Some of the comments I have had from previous people I have worked with include:

“I feel more confident in myself since the treatments.”
“I’ve been sleeping a lot better since starting the sessions ... it even helped my IBS problems”
“The sessions left me feeling calm, but also enervated.”
“It seemed to almost unlock a little bit of my creativity and imagination – something I’ve been trying to get back in touch with for a long time.”
“The sounds helped to relax my muscles, which are usually in spasm due to the Parkinson’s”