Sarah Watson Jones - Barre Instructor

Sarah Watson Jones is a Barre instructor at SWC


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The first session is free (advance booking is essential)

The ‘One class pass’ - £10

The ‘5 class pass’ is - £40

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After training as a professional dancer at The London Studio Centre I struggled find a fitness class that gave me the same results; a strong, yet lean body. I took a barre class in London and it was exactly what I had been missing.

When I moved back to my hometown of Sheffield three years ago, no one was teaching barre. BarreConcept is brand new to Sheffield and is exactly what this city’s fitness scene is missing.

I have been a classroom teacher for 7 years and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and I really love getting good results for my students.

Moving from the classroom to the studio has been a great experience. I love how having a small class lets me get to know my clients and tailor the classes to suit their individual needs.

I am currently pursuing my latest obsession training in ante and post-natal exercise in order to safely train pregnant and recently pregnant clients.

What is BarreConcept?

BarreConcept is:

  • a creative 60-minute workout
  • combines Pilates, yoga and ballet
  • It includes sports conditioning

What are the benefits of BarreConcept?

This unique programme is designed to:

  • tone the thighs
  • lift the bum
  • sculpt the arms
  • flatten the abdominals

What happens during sessions?

  • Full range muscular contractions are performed
  • then end range isometric contractions
  • then a static hold in order to fatigue the muscle
  • stretches follow directly afterwards in order to elongate the muscles
  • Equipment such as balls, weights and bands are added to the class to challenge the body further.

Who is BarreConcept for?

Everyone and everybody type is welcome — women, men, all ages, we adjust the workout so it’s suitable for everyone. You don’t have to be a dancer or have prior barre experience.

Modifications, variations, adaptations, progressions and contraindications are an integral part of the class. This ensures that individuals with certain injuries or conditions who attend our sessions are protected in order to prevent injury.

BarreConcept offers different levels of classes from beginner through to advanced, so there is a class for everybody, and all individuals are encouraged to work at their own pace and listen to their body.

What Barre classes are available?

Initially, we recommend that each new client attends our BarreConcept INTRODUCTION class to familiarise themselves with the basic ballet movements. It is important for newcomers to become familiar with barre class etiquette and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

The first session is FREE and lasts for 90 minutes and includes an introduction to basic barre movements and correct technique followed by a 60-minute flowing barre workout.

If you enjoy your free session you then have the option to either book a single class pass or a pack of classes at a discounted rate.


Places in the class will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. No drop ins available. All new clients will need to complete a health questionnaire BEFORE booking the class and email or bring with them to the first class. BarreConcept does not permit selling parts of terms for health and safety reasons. BarreConcept classes are non-refundable.