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Varied according to service. See service descriptions below for details

I use complementary and alternative therapies to support people with their mental and emotional wellbeing. I have found that it can reduce physical and mental effects of anxiety, depression and symptoms of PTSD.

It can also help with stress reduction and burnout prevention. The main focus is on healing and self-care.

What are complimentary therapies?

Complementary and alternative therapies take a holistic approach to your physical and mental health. In my practice I consider all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as a whole, rather than treating particular symptoms separately.

These types of therapies root from eastern philosophies and often are not prescribed by the NHS, who tend to take a more medicalised approach. My approach to therapy is holistic, person-centred and creative. I use both the arts and the body to support you along your journey, whatever that may look like.

How I work

Every person’s situation and journey is personal and unique, therefore I work in a person-centred way to create a tailored and bespoke service to you. I usually start with an informal assessment so I can get to know you and assess what you want to gain from the sessions.

I provide a safe and enabling space where you can explore and express without judgement.

My services at the Wellness Centre

Therapeutic Movement

This uses movement, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation therapeutically to acknowledge and work through challenges. Taking a person-centred approach, I work with you and tailor a bespoke class to meet your mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs.

The movement incorporates yoga movements and is accessible for all ages and abilities. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and therefore a lot of my practice draws from somatic and body therapy theories, which are complemented by more eastern philosophies focussing around the chakra system.

£30 per hour one-to-one

Creative Expressive Therapies (CET)

Creative Expressive Therapies uses creativity (art, dance, music, drama) to enable people to explore and express in a safe non-judgmental space. Anyone is able to engage, no artistic or creative skill is necessary, as the technique focusses on the process and not the end product.

CET uses the arts therapeutically to improve emotional health, wellbeing and quality of life. CET differs to art psychotherapy; where psychotherapy may go a little deeper to help people access or process trauma, CET focusses on positive aspects of self, building on these and using themes to help support healing and recovery.

Cost: £45 per hour one-to-one (recommend minimum 6 sessions)

Courses available

The Rainbow Course

Influenced by the Chakra system, this course incorporates creative expressive therapies, yoga and mindfulness to chronologically explore the following themes to enable a journey of healing and recovery:

1. Grounding, finding our roots and what makes us feel safe.

2. Managing emotions and coping with transition and change.

3. Identity, self-esteem, confidence and self-acceptance.

4. Self-love, Self-compassion and burnout prevention.

5. Finding your voice and your purpose.

6. Living in the moment, a clear perception.

7. Connection, awareness and reflection.

These sessions are 2.5-3 hours each, you can chose 1 theme that resonates with you and book a one to one 3 hours session for £90.

Or You can book onto the full 7 week course (which can be completed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) for £595.

Burnout Prevention Training

This is a three hour workshop incorporating yoga, meditation, and creative expressive therapies to explore themes surrounding burn out prevention.

This course is perfect for; people in demanding high stress jobs, people who work in health and social care, people who are carers, or people who give a lot.

If you find you are regularly feeling mental and emotionally fatigued, burnt out and stressed this course is perfect for you. If you are a manager of an organisation you may want to consider this course for workplace wellbeing.

The first half uses creative tools to help you explore self-care and burn out prevention tips to take home with you. The second half will provide you with a relaxing therapeutic experience to help you reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

You will leave feeling relaxed, rested and restored with tools to take away with you to help you maintain this level of calm. In return this will make you a more productive and balanced worker, carer, or just all round person. You cannot pour from an empty cup!

Cost: One-to-One: £90 for 3 hours Half day group package for organisations and employers: £59 per person (minimum 6 people).

My Experience

I have a degree in Creative Expressive Therapies (BA Hons) and a diploma in yoga and mindfulness. I have experience of working with individuals with; learning disabilities, autism, PMLD, anxiety, depression, physical disabilities, ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cerebral palsy, dementia, eating disorders, sensory disorders, stroke patients, people facing behavioural challenges, non-verbal, blind and deaf individuals.