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MoveFree Wednesday

Reclaim your natural movement potential with MoveFree

You were born with over 200 bones, 650 muscles and a huge vocabulary of free, easy movements. For most of us, that inborn ability has been restricted over time by our lifestyles and habits, and we use just a fraction of our body’s capabilities. Even those who exercise tend to repeat a small set of motions over and over, focusing on set routines.

Movefree is all about reclaiming your body’s full natural movement potential. By activating little-used muscles and nerves, you can become more flexible, more comfortable, and less prone to the aches and pains we think of as an inevitable part of ageing. It can also take the strain off the areas we tend to overburden, such as those involved in sitting.

We eat food to nourish our bodies but need mechanical stress (movement) in order to make sure that nutrition gets to each individual cell through blood flow.  It’s also necessary for lymphatic drainage which will help to remove waste products that can build up and cause inflammation.  It is my aim to find the bits of you that don’t move as much as others in order to make sure all of your cells get nourished.

Using biomechanical theory and a wealth of practical experience, I will guide you on a journey of rediscovering your own freedom to move, and help you build up a varied ‘diet’ of healthy movements that will nurture your body now and in the future.

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MoveFree Wednesday

Move your body, strengthen, stretch and balance

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23 Jan 2019


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Sheffield Wellness Centre


Sheffield Wellness Centre
635a Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1TB, UK

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