Therapy rooms for hire

Watch the video taking you through the main features of hiring rooms at the Sheffield Wellness Centre. If you have any questions click the button below to find out more.
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The Sheffield Wellness Clinic has four different rooms available for hire. There are two talking therapy rooms, a massage therapy room for hire and The Studio which is great for group sessions or medium sized yoga classes. All the spaces are clean, well maintained and private.

The benefits of basing your business at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

  • Free WiFi

  • £10 per hour

  • Online booking system

  • Monthly invoicing

  • Private rooms

  • Courtyard location

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Read our reviews

I met with Richard on Tuesday to have a look around the therapy rooms, I am hoping to start my private practice soon. Richard was extremley helpful and very informative with regards to his advice on the technical aspect of my business. The Wellness Centre has a gorgeous quirky, unique setting, and I'm very much looking forward beginning my therapy work here !!! Thank you Richard
Joanne Bacon
Joanne Bacon
21:01 10 Mar 18
I was extremely impressed when I first met Richard, he was kind, informative and genuinely interested in my profession, we chatted for ages and there was no rush. I was in need of a therapy space to work privately and was definitely not dissapointed once shown round the rooms. They are spacious, well equiped and a competitive rate per hour. Richard even went the extra mile (after listening to how I work) by buying and placing something in one the rooms which I can use with my clients. He did not need to do this, but shows how much he cares about the professionals and clients who come to the Wellness Centre. I am thrilled to be using the rooms at the Wellness Centre and look forward to what they hold for my clients. Thank you Richard!!
Sarah Brackenbury
Sarah Brackenbury
20:23 28 Feb 18
Richard showed me around the facilities yesterday. I was very impressed with the quality of the accommodation, cleanliness was excellent and the Therapy Rooms are well appointed. In brief a very welcoming and warm space to go for your chosen treatment.
Tim Cadman
Tim Cadman
12:10 22 Feb 18
On visiting the wellness center, I have decided it is very a good quality building to hold workshops and offer healing and counseling services. Richard is a lovely person to meet and looking forward to working at the center.
Meranda Thompson
Meranda Thompson
15:36 17 Feb 18
Great, dynamic area with a genuine community feel. The therapy rooms are perfect for any therapist looking for a professional and private space to work within. Clients will also appreciate being a space that is comfortable.
Erin Gallagher
Erin Gallagher
13:16 30 Jan 18
i used the Wellness Centre main room for a photoshoot ... The light was perfect, the environment clean and pleasing and the people lovely. It is a such a lovely environment in which to work and the calming and easy feel of the place unmistakable. While A photoshoot is not the primary role of the Wellness Centre I can highly recommend it should you want to use it as such ... And other wise ... It is just a lovely calming environment to use and the guys who run it lovely!!!!
14:17 23 Jan 18
Lovely peaceful premises, beautifully kept. Run by the most lovely, helpful and friendly people. A great place to come for any type of treatment or to hire the rooms. If only more places were run as well as this one! Fantastic!
Hooha Photography
Hooha Photography
18:47 22 Jan 18
I went to this space to check out the yoga room. It is clean and beautiful. I cannot wait to start classes here!
Joanna Ferret
Joanna Ferret
19:54 21 Jan 18
Lovely yoga room perfect for small classes or workshops. Looking forward to doing some yoga there soon!
Emma Pickering
Emma Pickering
18:43 16 Jan 18
Lovely therapy rooms for hire. The centre is set in a peaceful and calm environment away from the hustle and bustle. Beautifully decorated. Professional and well run, easy to access for therapists looking to book a room for private practice.
Katherine Hildyard
Katherine Hildyard
13:10 10 Jan 18
What a wonderful space! We had a great time at baby yoga, Fi is wonderful. I will be back for more of the lovely things on offer!
Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell
07:25 15 Nov 17
I had a wonderful experience with Richard, He is very friendly, I found it really easy to talk to him. He has all the qualities of a Good Hypnotherapist. I would recommend all my friends to him. And trust me it was first time I met him and it was great.
Andleeb mobz
Andleeb mobz
16:00 28 Sep 17
Richard has helped me greatly with my anxiety. For years I struggled to leave my comfort zone by changing my job and I dreaded having to have an interview. However using the hypnosis tools he gave me I felt calm and confident during the interview and got the job! I now feel better equipped to handle situations that previously would have caused me a lot of anxiety. The clinic is in a lovely, relaxed setting and Richard puts you at ease straight away, making the whole process feel easy. He records the sessions so you can listen to them whenever you need to which I found to be really beneficial and definitely money well spent. I would recommend anyone who needs help with anxiety or any issues to go and see Richard and give hypnosis a try.
Sarah Mayland
Sarah Mayland
17:17 18 Aug 17
I want to say a huge thanks to Richard he is amazing person and I am very pleased working with Richard ! I can't believe how I am change I mean my attitude and behaviour with my food , in the past I try 1000 diet and SlimmingWorld and weight watchers etc , yes it helps to losing weight but for temporary, but with hypnotherapy sessions you can start control what you eating and how much ! I always having sweets after every single meal even if I was full but now I don't need it!!!! I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions and I am very very satisfied. I am so grateful I meet Rich in my life I know it's not very cheap but believe me it worse it every single penny!!!!!! Thanks Richard!
rita bloma
rita bloma
17:40 13 Aug 17
Pamper PartyWhat a great idea! A bit of ‘me time’, in the most wonderfully relaxing surroundings. The Wellness Centre has such a relaxed, homely feel to it - much nicer than my actual home, as it is clean, tidy and welcoming! The atmosphere immediately put me at ease, I absolutely loved having time to chill out, chat and eat cake. Fi is the perfect hostess, making sure that we all had everything we needed, with her wonderful warm and caring manner. It was great to be able to choose what particular treatment or massage I wanted on the day. I surprised myself by trying something new and going for the hot stones massage, and I’m so glad I did. It was amazing, so deep and yet so gentle. It was really nice to experience my massage while listening to everyone else chatting happily, too. I completely recommend this if you are looking for the perfect excuse to have some guilt free time to yourself.
Lucy Bishton
Lucy Bishton
12:33 02 Aug 17

The Studio

The Studio is a multi-use space that hosts a wide range of activities. The room used for antenatal classes and yoga sessions and can accommodate up to 12 people for these sessions.

Other uses of the room include a space for presentations and talks and can accommodate up to 30 people.

The Abbey Room

The Abbey Room is a space dedicated to massage therapies. The lighting is soft and low and the room also has a heated towel rail and sink.

A high quality massage table is always in the room and is perfect for those looking for a comfortable massage.


The Dale Room

The Dale Room is on the top floor of the Wellness Centre and is ideally suited to talking therapies.

The room comes equipped with comfortable chairs and a desk. The room is warm and quiet and is perfect for private one to one conversations.

The Bandler Room

The Bandler Room is located on the top floor to the back of the building and is very quiet and private.

It is usually used as a talking therapy room and comes equipped with a vintage Chesterfield Queen Anne chair and a Stressless Vega reclining chair.


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Want more information before you decide?

If you like the look at the rooms available but still aren’t yet 100% convinced it is right for you that’s fine. You are more than welcome to have a look around and meet us in person so you can make your decision based on first hand experience.
Just drop us a line to arrange a time to visit.

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Who can use the Sheffield Wellness Centre?

At the moment we have the following types of health professionals using the wellness centre:

  • Coaches, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists & counsellors, cognitive behavioural therapists, antenatal teachers, massage therapists, neuro linguistic programming practitioners, mindfulness coaches and much more.

If you are a health professional looking to hire a space you can run your business from you have just found it.

Tell me more…

The spaces available at The Sheffield Wellness Centre are available by the hour, seven days a week. The location is secure, warm and professional.

What times can I hire the rooms?

Unlike some health clinics in Sheffield we won’t allocate you a slot on a day that suits us. Instead, you get to see which rooms are available and book any time slot that is available and suits you. Bookings can be done there and then while your client is still on the phone.

We have two talking therapy rooms, a massage therapy room (which comes with a high quality folding bench so no need to lug yours round!)and The Studio.

The Studio is great for a yoga class, a seminar or a support group meeting.

How do I book a treatment room?

Unlike some health clinics in Sheffield we don’t allocate you a room on a day and at a time that suits us. Instead you have the ability to select the dates and times that suit you.

Booking is done through a private access online booking system. When a client asks when you are available you can see immediately when the different rooms are available. You can book your client there and then. No need to call us to check availability to then call your client back.

Bookings are quick, simple and easy.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

You can come and visit us and check the spaces out for yourself if you like. Or if you already know you like what we have to offer you can apply by dropping us an email with your request and we’ll get you on the system asap.

We only want professionals working from our space so to qualify for consideration you need to have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We will also need to see copies of your training certificates so we know you are great at what you do.