Services Available

The Sheffield Wellness Centre has a wide range of services and therapies available.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of what is available as well as the quality of the therapists who use the centre.

Sheffield Wellness Centre can help with your mind body and spirit
Hypnotherapy in Sheffield


This therapy can be fast, effective and powerful. It is completely natural and the evidence base for its effectiveness is growing by the year.

If there is an aspect of how you think, act or feel that you would like to change hypnosis could be the way to do that.

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Perinatal Services

The time before, during and after birth is very special. Sessions are run by Fi from The Daisy Foundation and there are tailored classes for pregnant mums only, Mums to be and their birthing partner, mums with babies for baby yoga and baby massage.

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Antenatal care with The Daisy Foundation
Massage therapy

Massage Therapy

We have several professional massage therapists available. Whether you are looking for a gentle, soothing and relaxing massage or a more intense, deeper massage we have a therapist to suit your needs.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The evidence base for CBT being helpful for certain conditions is strong and the NHS use this method widely.

Unfortunately waiting lists are long. If you require private CBT sessions we have skilled therapists waiting to hear from you. CBT is a proven method for helping people to be more how they would like to be.

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CBT/cognitive behavioural therapy
Yoga classes in Sheffield

Yoga Classes

In The Studio at the Sheffield Wellness Centre we have a number of yoga teachers running classes throughout the week. There are sessions aimed at beginners as well as more intermediate and advanced students.

Check the events page for up to date details on what is available and when.

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Sometimes talking about a problem to someone trained to listen can make all the difference.

The counsellors and psychotherapists at the Centre are here to listen and will help in any way they can.

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Therapist taking notes
Woman getting reflexology session


The process involves pressure and massage to the feet, lower legs and hands. The areas massaged are associated with other parts of the body and can be a very relaxing process and could have some health benefits.

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Sometimes when it comes to the big life choices it is good to get some help with the decision making process. A coach could help you with issues relating to employment, relationships and much more.

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Coaching sessions in Sheffield
mindfulness sessions


When you are more aware of the present moment it is possible to become quieter and calmer. With this shift in perspective it is possible to realise just how much choice you have in what you think and the effect it has on you.

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This therapy is Japanese in origin and is focused on the energy flow of an individual and bringing about a calmer and more relaxed attitude. With this more relaxed approach many people then find other changes are also possible.

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woman receiving reiki treatment
crystal representing or aiding healing


There are many other types of therapy available than there is space to detail on this page. Other forms of healing therapy are listed here. Find out more about what is available.

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