Baby massage classes

The Sheffield Wellness Centre has a variety of classes available that fall under the birth & baby banner. One of the most popular choices are the baby massage classes.

Tinies baby massage classes

The baby massage classes are for little ones aged 6 weeks to 5 months old. They are rhythmic and relaxing classes which combine baby massage and reflexology and are a great way to bond with your little one.

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What happens in a baby massage class?

Daisy Foundation Tinies classes are specially designed to be perfectly suited to your child’s age and developmental requirements. Below are the five elements that are fundamental guiding principals for the baby massage classes.

The five elements of baby massage classes

Benefits of the session added to learning to do it at home or anywhere needed. Develop a stronger connection with baby, understand their cues better you’ll be able to help your baby before they are overly distressed. You’ll learn a variety of techniques and skills that could make life easier for you and your baby.

Many of the mum’s like you who do this course find that the techniques become a very well established part of the bedtime routine. The Tinies classes recreate a womblike experience (to some extent) for your baby and brings with it that sense of comfort and security.

Gentle movement for you will help you in the postnatal stage and at the same time you’ll learn to engage your baby with massage, rhythm and songs.

This process can be a great way to make that shift from postnatal to normal exercise and health. The benefit of this approach is that it incorporates awareness of posture, stretches appropriate to your health and core engagement.
The benefit of this is that you could decrease the possibility of depression and decrease stress. It could also help tone your pelvic floor and reduce ‘mummy tummy’ symptoms.

The Daisy Foundation Tinies classes help soothe, stimulate, relax your baby. During the classes besides both of you getting the gentle relaxation of the class we will also cover issues such as reflux, colic and calming techniques.

That’s not all the classes cover though. We also include an evidence-based education section in each class. These sections will cover areas like sleeping, weaning and vaccinations.
The Daisy Foundation approach is all inclusive regardless of your approach or style.

The positive touch and movement approach helps mums to have a more honest and powerful connection with their baby. It encourages a positive attachment, confidence and closeness.

The classes can help you respond quicker and more effectively to what you baby needs. The techniques are incorporated into each session and over the course of the programme you become practised and familiar with how to do them.

Daisy classes can be a great way for mums to meet other mums who are in the same situation as them.

Through these opportunities you get to ask questions and share experience. The Daisy instructor facilitates this process. There are real world components to the classes like social interaction and class discussions. There is also a strong social media based community of mums and Daisy instructors for you to engage with.
Words previous Daisy mums have used to describe classes include: “supportive”, “welcoming” “friendly”

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What follows on from baby yoga classes?

If you are looking for the next step in your Daisy Foundation journey the Wrigglers baby yoga classes could be perfect for you both. The baby yoga classes are for babies more than 5 months old. They include rhythm, rhyme and sensory play. Classes are a great way to help your baby meet developmental milestones and a wonderful way for you to meet other mums and get that support that can so helpful.

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