Wrigglers baby yoga classes

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Wrigglers baby massage classes

One of the birth and baby classes run at the Sheffield Wellness Centre is the Wrigglers baby massage classes. These classes are for mum and baby and mix baby yoga with sensory play and include songs and stories to stimulate imagination. The Wrigglers sessions are lively and filled with colour. The classes benefit mums too as it is a great bonding opportunity.

What happens in Wrigglers baby yoga classes?

The baby yoga classes from the Daisy Foundation are perfect for little ones aged 5+ months. They combine education, baby yoga, support and you get to meet other mums (probably from the same area as you) who have kids about the same age as yours.

The five elements of Wrigglers baby massage classes

In each class we play “What’s in the box?!” which is one of our unique elements of these baby yoga sessions. What is in the box sets the theme for that weeks class. There is plenty of time in sessions for babies to have social time and to meet the other little people present at the class. The classes also provide an invaluable opportunity for the mums to chat and support each other.
Sessions are filled with laughter and play.
Wrigglers classes can meet many of your baby’s needs in one session. Time is dedicated to development education and combined with demonstrations of calming and soothing techniques. You’ll learn how to respond more quickly and effectively to your baby’s needs. There are also the stretching and moving elements for you and your baby in each class.
The classes will cover common areas of interest such as reflux, colic and soothing techniques that most baby massage classes cover. Daisy classes go a step further though and have an evidence based look at less discussed, but still important, areas like immunisations, weaning and sleep issues.
The classes provide an inclusive and welcoming environment suitable for all types of parents.
When you are giving your baby positive touch and movement through yoga we think it should be really natural rather than a formalised process to endure. Through the yoga based movements being practised they become familiar to you and your baby. This helps a positive attachment and sense of bonding to develop between the two of you.

Baby yoga could help you find ways of helping your baby to find relief from constipation, teething pain and trapped wind. Another benefit of the baby yoga is that it can decrease emotional distress, can aid development physically increase bodily awareness.

The baby yoga classes are a great way to get out and meet other mums with babies the same age as yours.

Many mums find a whole new group of friends as a result of classes because over the 6 weeks you’ll be able to share experiences and discuss how things are going for you with your baby. In Wrigglers classes there is the opportunity for dads, grandparents and other carers to come along to classes and enjoy the session too.

In each Wrigglers class there is a story which has a multi-sensory element and contains rhythm, rhyme and movement. The stories and sounds from the story help brain development and speech.

The rhythm and repetition within the stories helps your baby to tune into your voice.
Through rhyme and rhythm combined with yoga based movement your baby will be developing the skills needed to help the acquisition of language, coordination and will help your child to build a strong relationship between their brain and body.