Hypnotherapy services at the Sheffield Wellness Centre

Get a great idea about changing your futureDo you feel out of control of aspects of your behaviour? Do you wish you knew how to stop thinking certain things? Do your emotions seem to have more control over you than your rational thinking?

If so hypnosis could be a good tool to help you to get back in control.

Being in a hypnotic state is completely natural and you have done it hundreds of times in the past, even if you don’t know you have. These hypnotic moments go by many different names but some of those names are:

  • Off with the faeries
  • Daydreaming
  • Automatic pilot

A hypnotherapist can help you to access this natural and powerful frame of mind and help you to bring about changes you desire using this state of mind.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Does hypnotherapy work?

It can do. While the hypnotic state of mind is something everyone can access it does not guarantee that everyone will change the things they want to change as a result of using it.

In a similar way medication is not guaranteed to work. There may be a great chance that it will based on previous results with other people but different people respond differently.

Hypnotherapists who work from the Sheffield Wellness Centre

For more details about each therapist click on their image below to see their individual profile page. There you will find more details about their skills and experience as well as destails about their pricing structure.

Reviews of Sheffield Wellness Centre

I loved the atmosphere of this place! Since the first contact, they were very welcoming and supportive. The location is perfect, surrounded by beautiful stores and a coffee shop, but still very quiet, like an island of peace in the middle of the city. The rooms were cosy, well isolated and perfectly fitted for any therapy. I loved the flexibility and openness to use the premises as well as all the support they offer to develop my personal practice. I'm looking forward to starting working with this beautiful team!
Esencias Patagonia
Esencias Patagonia
15:10 03 Apr 18
I met with Richard today to view the treatments rooms and the studio. What a lovely, calming, welcoming and comfortable place, with a generous touch of character! Richard was incredibly helpful and welcoming. I left feeling very excited at the prospect of using the premises for my classes and client sessions.
Maria Jones
Maria Jones
18:02 31 Mar 18
Richard showed me round with a view to using therapy space here, very good impression. It had a good feel and as a client it would be a space I`d be comfortable with. I think the space will be a pleasure to work in later this year-hopefully !
Jayne Tulip
Jayne Tulip
10:07 28 Mar 18
I met with Richard on Tuesday to have a look around the therapy rooms, I am hoping to start my private practice soon. Richard was extremley helpful and very informative with regards to his advice on the technical aspect of my business. The Wellness Centre has a gorgeous quirky, unique setting, and I'm very much looking forward beginning my therapy work here !!! Thank you Richard
Joanne Bacon
Joanne Bacon
21:01 10 Mar 18
I was extremely impressed when I first met Richard, he was kind, informative and genuinely interested in my profession, we chatted for ages and there was no rush. I was in need of a therapy space to work privately and was definitely not dissapointed once shown round the rooms. They are spacious, well equiped and a competitive rate per hour. Richard even went the extra mile (after listening to how I work) by buying and placing something in one the rooms which I can use with my clients. He did not need to do this, but shows how much he cares about the professionals and clients who come to the Wellness Centre. I am thrilled to be using the rooms at the Wellness Centre and look forward to what they hold for my clients. Thank you Richard!!
Sarah Brackenbury
Sarah Brackenbury
20:23 28 Feb 18
Richard showed me around the facilities yesterday. I was very impressed with the quality of the accommodation, cleanliness was excellent and the Therapy Rooms are well appointed. In brief a very welcoming and warm space to go for your chosen treatment.
Tim Cadman
Tim Cadman
12:10 22 Feb 18
On visiting the wellness center, I have decided it is very a good quality building to hold workshops and offer healing and counseling services. Richard is a lovely person to meet and looking forward to working at the center.
Meranda Thompson
Meranda Thompson
15:36 17 Feb 18
Great, dynamic area with a genuine community feel. The therapy rooms are perfect for any therapist looking for a professional and private space to work within. Clients will also appreciate being a space that is comfortable.
Erin Gallagher
Erin Gallagher
13:16 30 Jan 18
i used the Wellness Centre main room for a photoshoot ... The light was perfect, the environment clean and pleasing and the people lovely. It is a such a lovely environment in which to work and the calming and easy feel of the place unmistakable. While A photoshoot is not the primary role of the Wellness Centre I can highly recommend it should you want to use it as such ... And other wise ... It is just a lovely calming environment to use and the guys who run it lovely!!!!
14:17 23 Jan 18
Lovely peaceful premises, beautifully kept. Run by the most lovely, helpful and friendly people. A great place to come for any type of treatment or to hire the rooms. If only more places were run as well as this one! Fantastic!
Hooha Photography
Hooha Photography
18:47 22 Jan 18
I went to this space to check out the yoga room. It is clean and beautiful. I cannot wait to start classes here!
Joanna Ferret
Joanna Ferret
19:54 21 Jan 18
Lovely yoga room perfect for small classes or workshops. Looking forward to doing some yoga there soon!
Emma Pickering
Emma Pickering
18:43 16 Jan 18
Lovely therapy rooms for hire. The centre is set in a peaceful and calm environment away from the hustle and bustle. Beautifully decorated. Professional and well run, easy to access for therapists looking to book a room for private practice.
Katherine Hildyard
Katherine Hildyard
13:10 10 Jan 18
What a wonderful space! We had a great time at baby yoga, Fi is wonderful. I will be back for more of the lovely things on offer!
Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell
07:25 15 Nov 17
I had a wonderful experience with Richard, He is very friendly, I found it really easy to talk to him. He has all the qualities of a Good Hypnotherapist. I would recommend all my friends to him. And trust me it was first time I met him and it was great.
Andleeb mobz
Andleeb mobz
16:00 28 Sep 17
Richard has helped me greatly with my anxiety. For years I struggled to leave my comfort zone by changing my job and I dreaded having to have an interview. However using the hypnosis tools he gave me I felt calm and confident during the interview and got the job! I now feel better equipped to handle situations that previously would have caused me a lot of anxiety. The clinic is in a lovely, relaxed setting and Richard puts you at ease straight away, making the whole process feel easy. He records the sessions so you can listen to them whenever you need to which I found to be really beneficial and definitely money well spent. I would recommend anyone who needs help with anxiety or any issues to go and see Richard and give hypnosis a try.
Sarah Mayland
Sarah Mayland
17:17 18 Aug 17
I want to say a huge thanks to Richard he is amazing person and I am very pleased working with Richard ! I can't believe how I am change I mean my attitude and behaviour with my food , in the past I try 1000 diet and SlimmingWorld and weight watchers etc , yes it helps to losing weight but for temporary, but with hypnotherapy sessions you can start control what you eating and how much ! I always having sweets after every single meal even if I was full but now I don't need it!!!! I had 2 hypnotherapy sessions and I am very very satisfied. I am so grateful I meet Rich in my life I know it's not very cheap but believe me it worse it every single penny!!!!!! Thanks Richard!
rita bloma
rita bloma
17:40 13 Aug 17
Pamper PartyWhat a great idea! A bit of ‘me time’, in the most wonderfully relaxing surroundings. The Wellness Centre has such a relaxed, homely feel to it - much nicer than my actual home, as it is clean, tidy and welcoming! The atmosphere immediately put me at ease, I absolutely loved having time to chill out, chat and eat cake. Fi is the perfect hostess, making sure that we all had everything we needed, with her wonderful warm and caring manner. It was great to be able to choose what particular treatment or massage I wanted on the day. I surprised myself by trying something new and going for the hot stones massage, and I’m so glad I did. It was amazing, so deep and yet so gentle. It was really nice to experience my massage while listening to everyone else chatting happily, too. I completely recommend this if you are looking for the perfect excuse to have some guilt free time to yourself.
Lucy Bishton
Lucy Bishton
12:33 02 Aug 17

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What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis can be a fast and effective way to bring about personal change. It is medication free. It is natural. It can help issues that other approaches find difficult to address.

If you have more questions about hypnotherapy look further down the page for the Q&A section. You are also welcome to contact the hypnotherapy providers who work from the Sheffield Wellness Centre

  • How long does hypnosis last for?

    The effects of hypnosis have the potential to last for the rest of your life. Some people experience the benefits of hypnotherapy for decades or years. Some people it can last weeks or months. A small number of people experience no change at all from hypnotherapy. It is not a guaranteed process unfortunately. Your hypnotherapist will do everything within their ability and skills to help you change though.

  • Is hypnosis covered by private health insurance?

    Sometimes. It depends on who you private health insurance is with and what level of cover you have. To be sure contact your private health care provider and check with them. If you are covered all that is needed in most cases is a receipt from your hypnotherapist and you will be able to claim some/all of the cost of therapy.

  • Are there different types of hypnotherapy?

    There are a wide variety of hypnotic approaches and as research increases and time passes some techniques are superseded or modified while some worked decades ago and still work well now. The two general approaches of hypnotherapy can be summarised as 1) Regressive, and 2) Solution Focused.

    Regressive hypnotherapy is focused on the idea of going back to when a behaviour first started and using tools and techniques to change your perception of those moments to invoke the idea that the present can be changed as a result of the past changing. This then leads to the potential for thoughts about the future to change as well.

    Solution focused hypnotherapy – as the name suggests – says you are the way you are because you keep doing what you keep doing. Changing how you feel now and how you think about the future is the main focus of solution focused hypnotherapy and does not delve into the dim and distant past.

  • How do I find a hypnotherapist near me?

    A good hypnotherapist will have certain things that they do or have that will prove to you they are genuine and have the potential to help you. Great hypnotherapists usually work from an office or clinic rather than a back bedroom, conservatory or converted garage in their home. They will have a proven track record that they have helped many other people to bring about change, they will be insured and happy to show you their policy if you ask.

    A great hypnotherapist will undertake ongoing training, they will not have the same problem you do. For example an overweight hypnotherapist probably won’t be the right person to help you to lose weight. There should also be a feeling of comfort and confidence from meeting the hypnotherapist face to face. If there are any doubts or niggles listen to your gut instinct and find someone else.

  • Is hypnotherapy available on the NHS?

    At the moment the answer is no unfortunately. Funding for therapy such as hypnotherapy is not made available. This is despite hypnosis being recognised as part of medicine by the British Medical Association in the 1950’s.

    I think the reason hypnosis is not funded is because it is an individual therapy. Each person needs an approach that is specific to them.

    This means that if a statistical study is done where 100 people with the same issue all get the exact same hypnotherapy treatment it makes hypnotherapy measurable but this is not how to do hypnotherapy most effectively.

    When treatment is tailored to each individual it can be more powerful but making comparisons between those 100 people is no longer possible because they all had something different done.

  • Does everyone respond to hypnotherapy?

    Yes, to some extent, IF they want to…under normal circumstances. What I mean by this is that if you want to change something and you want to use hypnotherapy and you are happy with the hypnotherapist you have chosen and that hypnotherapist is skilled and experienced and has a proven track record then there is a great chance that you will respond to hypnosis.

    If you don’t want to be hypnotised and a hypnotherapist says “close your eyes, take a nice deep breath and let yourself drift down into a calm and focused frame of mind” then nothing will happen. Knowing that hypnosis is happening and consciously resisting it will usually result in nothing happening.

  • Will I reveal secrets while in trance?

    A professional hypnotherapist would never use the power of hypnosis to make you do things you don’t consent to or make you tell them about things you wish to keep private.

    The way hypnosis is portrayed in films, for example, is rarely what the reality is like.

  • How much does hypnotherapy cost?

    Different hypnotherapists charge different amounts. Prices range from £40 to £90 per session. Some hypnotherapists provide a free consultation, some don’t. This can be based on things like their experience level, their professional memberships and their level of training. To find out what the hypnotherapists at the Sheffield Wellness Centre charge click on their profile picture in the ‘Our team’ section of this site for more details.

  • Are there any risks when using hypnosis?

    If you are working with a professional and experienced hypnotherapist you should be fine. There can sometimes be unintended consequences from suggestions. For example, there can be several meanings to particular words. The hypnotherapist may mean a certain word to be taken one way but unconsciously the client may take it a different way. If this happens it can usually be quickly reversed.

    Any side effects are usually minimal and short lived if they happen at all.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    This is kind of like asking “how long is a piece of string?” Different people (with the same issue) respond differently. A great hypnotherapist will want to see you as few times as possible and get you to your goal as fast as possible.

    Stopping smoking is often a single 2 hour session. Phobias can often be addressed within a couple of sessions. Weight loss is often three or four sessions. These examples are more to give you an idea rather a  specific quote. Talk to your hypnotherapist about your goals for a more specific answer.

  • What issues can hypnosis help with?

    Hypnotherapy is frequently used for a whole range of issues. The evidence base for the issues treated is growing but from a research point of view there are certain conditions that have more evidence for the effectiveness of hypnotherapy than others. Some of the issues that have evidence backing up the possibility that hypnotherapy could help are:

    Anxiety, pain, insomnia, depression, IBS, migraine, weight loss, public speaking and high blood pressure.

    As more research is conducted the list of issues that hypnotherapy could be used to address is increasing.

  • What are the alternatives to hypnosis?

    If you are looking for an alternative to hypnotherapy you may want to consider counselling or maybe cognitive behavioural therapy could help.