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What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy (or therapeutic massage) is a very broad therapy area. It can sometimes be confusing for people like you, looking for a massage, to figure out what what is the right massage for their needs.

Rather than deciding what type of massage you would like we would recommend focusing on what outcome you would like from the massage instead.

If you are at all unsure about what type of massage you would like just get in touch with us and we will find the best therapist possible to give you an answer to your question.

We want you to be able to make an informed decision and to get the best treatment possible for your needs.

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Massage therapists available at Sheffield Wellness Centre

Different therapists are trained and experienced in different types of therapy. Below are the therapists available, click on the photo to find out what massages they do and how much they charge.

What types of massage are available?

The two main types of massage

There are many styles of massage. To keep things simple we divide the types of massage into two groups. Relaxation based massage and therapeutic massage.

For more information about both types and the therapists available read on…

Therapeutic massage

It is arguable that all massage that is done well and with a positive intent has the potential to be therapeutic. That being said a therapeutic massage in this sense is more than a relaxation based massage but is usually less focused than a clinical massage. Therapeutic massages often involve the whole body being massaged.

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Relaxation based massage

The clue is in the name. A relaxation massage is about providing a calming environment to promote a sense of physical and mental well being. It is a chance to catch your breath and de-stress.
Through taking some time for you it is possible to couter-balance the demands of life.

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Examples of therapeutic massage

Thai yoga massage is the native massage system of Thailand. It is over 2000 years old and has its origins in ancient Indian and Chinese medical culture. It is one of the oldest bodywork systems in the world and is gaining great popularity in the west.

This unique form of full body therapy incorporates Hatha yoga and acupressure to stimulate the energy channels (which the Thais call ‘Sen lines’) and gently stretch the muscles and exercise the joints.

Known for its health promoting effects, it has been described as ‘like having yoga done on you.’ It is a safe, holistic treatment which harmonises the body and mind. Increasing energy and promoting a peaceful state of being.

Thai yoga massage is performed through comfortable, loose fitting clothing. It is carried out on a mat at floor level where your body is placed through a variety of postures which make it possible to gently stretch, press, squeeze and massage your muscles and joints.

Tui’na (pronounced Twee Naa) is the traditional medical massage system of China where it is used in hospitals and is as popular as acupuncture. It is a vigorous and robust style of massage which treats not only the muscles but also the flow of the intrinsic life energy, which the Chinese call ‘Chi’, along the meridian channels. It is ideal for treating tense muscles as well as a health promotional treatment.

The Tui’na therapist makes use of their thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows and forearms to perform a wide selection of techniques. Ensuring the muscles, joints and energy points are fully treated. Tui’na is performed through comfortable, loose fitting clothing in a seated position and on a massage couch.

Are you suffering from stiff or aching back, neck and shoulder muscles? This treatment could well be the answer. It is a combination of techniques from three different style of oriental massage therapy. Japanese Shiatsu, Tui’na Chinese massage and Thai yoga massage.

The muscles of the back, neck and shoulders are mobilised and gently moved through their natural range of motion. Using a combination of massage techniques, tension in the muscles is loosened and stretched out. Leaving you feeling lighter and freer to move.

Energy points are used to assist in the moving of blocked energy. Further easing the tension of aching muscles.

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing should be worn for this treatment which is done in the seated position, on a massage couch and on a mat at floor level.

Examples of relaxation based massage

Swedish massage can best be described as ‘manipulation of the soft tissues of the body.’ This is a massage treatment for the muscles using oils directly applied to the skin. It is used to assist the flow of blood and the Lymphatic system = the body’s waste disposal system and to break down any adhesions which may occur in the muscular tissue.

The client is covered with towels and only the part of the body to be massaged is exposed. This method of massage is used to either invigorate or relax. The many techniques used help improve circulation and promote relaxation. It is very effective at increasing the recovery from sports injuries and easing aching joints and muscles.

Sometimes known as Thai foot massage. This is a delightful treatment of the lower leg and the whole of the foot. The Sen energy lines and reflex/pressure points, which correspond to parts of the body and the internal organs are stimulated using various parts of the therapist’s hands.

A small stick is also used for greater accuracy in treating the points on the sole of the foot. As well as treating the reflex areas, the joints and muscles of the entire foot will receive attention. Easing away the tension gathered from all of the work that our feet do.

Thai foot reflexology is used everywhere in Thailand and is used especially by travellers to relax and receive a holistic treatment.

This style of reflexology is considered to be health promotional and not diagnostic.

This treatment is a special combination of Thai yoga massage and Therapeutic Hypnosis to completely relax and de-stress the body and mind.

It involves a one hour Thai yoga massage, using all of the major stretches and joint manipulations to ease out tension and muscular stress. This is then followed by a half-hour journey into even deeper levels of mental and physical relaxation using hypnosis.

(It is important for you to realise that you cannot be controlled with hypnosis. You will hear everything that is said and you will have the choice of whether or not to follow the instructions given to you. Going into hypnosis is as simple as following easy to understand instructions which gently guide you into an altered state of awareness where, in this treatment, greater levels of relaxation

What are the benefits of having massage therapy?

A woman who has experienced the benefits of massageThe modern world seems to be filled with stresses and strains, not only on our bodies but also our minds. There is only so long anyone can go flat out before they burn-out and need to really take care of themselves.

For many people a massage is an essential part of a self-care routine. It would be great if we could remove the aspects from life that are tough but often that is not possible. Instead, recharging your batteries could be the best way to go. And what better way to do that than through massage?

Some of the benefits of massage are:

  • Reduce heart rate

  • Decrease blood pressure

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Feeling more energised

  • Able to sleep better

  • More patient

Frequently Asked Questions About Massage

More research is being done into the benefits of massage all the time. Findings have shown that massage can has shown that in some cases massage can be used to treat stress-related physical conditions. This means massage could be used to address:

  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Depression
Before any massage happens your masseuse will ask you for some details about your health and the focus of the session and what it you are looking for outcome wise.

Your therapist will also discuss with you the kinds of techniques they might use and why.

Depending on the type of massage you have you may be able to wear the clothes you arrive in and the massage could be done through the clothes.

Other types of massage require your skin to be uncovered. In these cases you’ll be able to undress in privacy and cover yourself with a towel or sheet.

Your masseuse will then return and do your massage. At the end they will leave the room so you can dress in privacy.

Your massage therapist might use some type of oil in the massage. This is done to reduce friction and make it easier to massage you. There is often a choice of oils available.

It depends how long you have booked for. A massage could last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half or more.

Depending on the massage therapist’s subsequent bookings you may be able to extend your massage if you are enjoying it so much you don’t want to stop!


It all depends on what the reason you had for wanting a massage and why type of massage you had as to what the after effects of a massage might be.

Sometimes people who have been particularly tense and have had a deep tissue massage could be a bit achy the next day.

Most people will only get positive effects from a massage. If during the massage your masseuse hits a tender spot do speak up to let them know and they will work around the area.

Massage can be a great way for many people to get physical and mental health benefits. That being said there are some people for whom massage may not be appropriate.

If you have any of the following conditions seek medical advice before looking into getting massage therapy:
If you are pregnant, A fracture, Thrombocytopenia, an open wound or a burn, if you take blood thinning medication, oteoporosis, D.V.T –  Deep vein thrombosis

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