Perinatal services available 


Fi runs the perinatal side of Sheffield Wellness Centre

fiona hennessy
Antenatal instructor

Fi from Bumps and Births is responsibe for the perinatal services available at the Sheffield Wellness Centre. She is a member of The Daisy Foundation and has been offering antenatal and postnatal classes in Sheffield since 2013.

Below are the links to the different types of classes and workshops currently available.

Upcoming classes and workshops

At the Sheffield Wellness Centre we have a wide range of perinatal services available. There are antenatal classes and post natal classes as well as baby massage and baby yoga. There are birth workshops where mum and partner can learn together. There will also soon be breast feeding support available as well.


Antenatal Classes

These classes are available to women who are more than 14 weeks pregnant. The course consists of 6 weekly classes. Each class is about 90 minutes long.

There is a focus on peer support, education, gentle movement and relaxation.

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The Parent workshops are for the mum and her partner. These classes are split into two parts. The first is focused on pre-birth and the second part is for after your baby has arrived and focuses on how to care for the baby.

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Baby Massage

These classes are for mum and baby. Theses classes are rhythmic and relaxing, incorporating positive touch, education and support baby as well as reflexology and calming techniques.

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Baby Yoga

These colourful and lively classes are for when your baby is a little older and is geared towards helping them reach developmental milestones.
Classes incorporate baby yoga and sensory play and are delivered alongside rhythm, rhyme and story in a seamless journey of imaginative play.

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Pregnancy massage

Taking time to rest and relax during pregnancy is essential. What better way to relax than  with a one hour full body massage? We have a custom made setup where the massage is done on the floor using memory foam cushions so your comfort is maxinised.

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