What is reiki and how could it benefit you?

a woman receiving a reiki treatmentReiki is a a Japanese technique based on the idea that energy is in all things and that energy can be chanelled or guided by a reiki practitioner. Through gentle touch the therapist could help to restore physical or mental wellbeing.

What can reiki be used for?

Many people who have experienced reiki have claimed that it has helped them to be:

  • Calmer and more relaxed
  • Speed up recovery from some health issues
  • More peaceful or centred

More information on what reiki could be like for you

This video gives you an overview of what reiki is, who might use it and how it might feel.

People who might benefit from reiki are:

  • Pregnant mothers
  • Those looking for stress management
  • As part of end of life care

Reiki does not have any religious affiliation in any way and there is no belief system attached to it. There are some who have found that reiki has increased their awareness of their own spirituality however.

Reiki practitioners available at Sheffield Wellness Centre

Feel free to contact any of the practitioners listed above to check their availability and prices.

What happens in a reiki session?

A session often lasts for around 45 minutes to 90 minutes and the recipient remains fully clothed, sometimes sitting, sometimes lying down. The therapist places their hands on various parts of the the client's body (nowhere that would be offensive however).

There is no manipulation of the body, the hands just rest for a little while on different parts of the body. It is a whole body treatment rather than it being focused on one particular place.

What does reiki feel like?

It is different for different people but many people have reported that it feels soothing and peaceful while others have said that they have felt a tingling type of sensation or even feeling quite energised. There may also be no noticeable physical sensation as a result of the session.

How many sessions would you need?

One session may be enough to bring about the changes that you are looking for while others may want multiple sessions.

There is more than one type of reiki

Different peeople practice reiki in different ways. One of the other types of reiki available is angelic reiki.

What is angelic reiki?

angel statue in a cemetaryAngelic Reiki is a natural, high frequency and complete system of energy healing and harmonizing, which allows the body, mind, spirit and soul to reconnect and regain balance and equilibrium.

The universal healing energy channelled during a session draws on the highest available forms of energy in alignment with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings of Light. This holistic system of healing is non-religious, gentle yet extremely powerful for personal development and growth, mental health, emotional well-being, relationships and spiritual expansion.

Essentially, Angelic Reiki is the beautiful process of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to manifest one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, human consciousness, animals and the planet.